This Sweet Treats Slots Game is a 5 reel spin 25 pay lines With a Fantastic Jackpot

The Android Sweet Treats Slots Game is a 5 reel spin 25 pay lines, you can even opt out of playing all the 25 lines on Sweet Treats Slots Game. You can pick how many of the lines you want to play on, just by scrolling a selector at the bottom of the mobile screen, there’s another selector bottom next to it, allowing you to select your wager on each line. You’ll be able to wager whatever you like from 1pence per pay line to 10 pence per line, so everybody can have enough money to have a crack at winning the Sweet Treats Slots Jackpot.

 Sweet Treats

There’s a limited amount of special symbols in Sweet Treats slot game. The Candy Cane symbols are wilds, which will mean that it can replace any other symbols excluding the Enormous Cake symbols to assist you to win. The Enormous Cake symbols cannot be replaced as it is a scatter symbol, and if you obtain 3 of these on the spinning reel at the similar point you will present a free reel spin rounds. These Free reels Spin rounds offers you 5 free reel spins and will pay rewards at 2 times, 3 times, 5 times or 10 times the standard levels.


The Sweet Girl symbol in the game will trigger the main jackpot, so if you collect 5 of these symbols and appearing at similar times any place on the spinning reels. You have hit the Jackpot and you’ll have heaps of money swelling in your pockets! So you can start to plan for the trip of a lifetime. The Sweet Treats slots game is a superb mobile Android slots game that everybody must play. So why not playing this today, you possible will be able to that wonderful Sweet Treats slots game fortune!

Android sweet treats slots game-  mobile phone

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