Loopy Lotto Mobile Slots App Watch Out for the Lucky Bloke in the Loopy Lotto Slots!loopy lotto

Loopy Lotto Android mobile slots app game is becoming one of the top mobile slot games to offer its players 50 line action packed reel spins with two distinct progressive jackpots. And including an amazing free reel Spin bonus and 5 reel spins jam packed with amusing symbols, that’s why Loopy Lotto Android app is somewhat special!

Playing this slot requires only a penny to fifty pence per spin on the reels to play. At Loopy Lotto you can wager whatever sum from 10 pence to 1 pound on each, so the min wager per spin is just 10 pence and the max is 50 pound for those players who are rich enough to gamble. Betting your wager and the amount of pay lines you like to trigger, is an easy method of just choosing and selecting at the bottom of the Android screen, and once done just start the game by hitting the central spin button and of they go, hopefully the reels will be kind enough for you to win that big jackpot.

In the game there are Lucky Bloke symbols (they are scatter symbols) if you acquire three of the Lucky Bloke symbols it will activate the Free Spins bonus. You will then be given 5 free reel spins, if you are able to win one or more awards throughout this bonus then those rewards will be multiplied two,, three, five, and even ten times, dependent on how lucky you are. So sign up today and get that winning feeling playing on Loopy Lotto Android mobile slots app.

loopy lotto Android Slots Game

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