Knight Quest Android Slots a Medieval Tale of Dragons; Knights and Damsels in DistressKnight Quest

Knight Quest Android Slots is a fairy tale based game with a fire-breathing dragon a knight in shining armour and a princess who needs saving. A great combination for a superb damsel in distress fantasy slot game. Knight Quest Android Slots is a 5-reel spin with a thirty pay-lines. You choice the lines you need to play using he cask selector at the bottom of your Android screen. A related selector must be used to decide your wager pot size, which maybe whatever amount from 10 pence up to 10 pound per line. Tap the reel spin button to begin the game if your lucks in you will possible win yourself the ultimate slot jackpot!

Knight Quest Android Slots reels are jam packed with medieval reel symbols. The symbols consist of Swords; Chalices; Shields and Castle Towers, and don’t forget the Knight, the Dragon and the Princess mentioned previously. The Princess symbol will be able to trigger the jackpot feature whereas the Dragon will trigger the Knight Quest free reel Spin Bonus round. The Knight is a wild and will be able to duplicate other symbols excluding the Dragon and the Princess.

The Dragons Will Trigger Free Spins

Knight Quest Android Slots has a distinct free reel spins feature which will trigger 4 or 5 of the Dragon symbols any place on the spinning reels. 5 free reel spins will be granted to you and that will give you 5 more occasions to win huge cash rewards without betting a penny. Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to win a reward by a free reel spin then you’ll be rewarded 3 times the normal sum! So why not sign up today and help a damsel in distress, and at the same time win a sack of cash for your troubles.

Knight Quest Android Slots - Mobile Casino Game

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