Iron Man 2 Scratch Card Game Play on Your Android Mobile Phone

Iron Man 2 Scratch Card mammoth side track on the enormously popular casino slots game Iron Man is ideal to play on the Android Mobile phone. This superbly put together thrilling Iron Man 2 scratch Android Phone card is up with the classics, this three x three Android Phone scratch card. The features are impressive with affected action full impacted symbols; the nuclear reactor is a win symbol. Rub out three nuclear reactors in a parallel, horizontal, vertically and diagonally line and you’ll become a winning player with one of numerous prizes.

Winnings can be possible to win huge cash amounts on Iron Man 2 Scratch: with up to £100 to be won on just a ten pence stake, and can go up to a staggering million pound sterling on a £100 stake!

The Iron Man 2 Scratch Card  for the Android Mobile Phone Highlights: Win up to 10000 times the player’s card price: Min scratch card price: 10 pence: Max scratch card price: 100 pounds sterling 



Iron man 2 Scratch Card










Iron man 2 Scratch Card Game - Android Mobile Phone - Rocky - Pink Panther

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